FAQ Acrobat Reader

The articles are offered in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files correspond in their presentation to the printed version and can in this way be printed like the original. To view PDF files and make full use of  the Gesnerus Website, the «Adobe Reader» programme is required.

Do the following:
1. Click the symbol «Get Acrobat Reader» to download the programme free of charge.
2. Load the programme on your hard disk.
3. Click twice with the left mouse button (double-click) on the file.
4. Follow the installation instructions.
5. Restart your browser. After that you are able to view and print all articles in fulltext version.

Using Adobe Reader 7.0

Toolbar (head)
Toolbar (foot)

Opening a document.

Saving the open document on the local drive.

Printing one or more pages of the currently open document.

Mailing the open document.

Find: Sequential search through the currently open document. No full text index and no Boolean operators possible. Repetition of search query.

Hand Tool
If you magnify a page to a size larger than the window, use the Hand Tool to move the page around so that you can view all the areas on it.

Text Select Tool
To select a line or part of text, select the first letter of the sentence or phrase and drag to the last letter. Now the selected text can be copied to the clipboard, for example.

Snapshot tool
To select an area on a page (text, image or both), use the Snapshot tool and drag around the area you want to have. Adobe Reader copies the selected area to the Clipboard. Both text and images are copied as an image.

Zoom In Tool
By clicking this button the cursor changes into a Zoom In Tool. With this Zoom In Tool a page area can be magnified.

From the left: (1) Actual Size: displays the actual size of the document, (2) Fit in Window: displays the complete size of the document in the window, (3) Fit Width: partial display of document (fills out the width of the window).

Rotating the document clockwise (90-degree).

Help documentation.

From the left: (1) Go to First Page, (2) Go to Previous Page, (3) Go to Next Page, (4) Go to Last Page.

From the left: (1) Go to Previous View, (2) Go to Next View.

Page layout
Set the page layout: 1. Single Page button. 2. Continuous button. 3. Continuous-Facing button. 4. Facing button.

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